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Cariboo - Otroški poganjalec MiniBike - Pink

Cariboo 5904125999469 CA-FR-P
BAR Code: 5904125999469
Cariboo - Otroški poganjalec MiniBike - Pink
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Introducing Cariboo Friends, the perfect companion for your toddler's first biking adventures! Designed for those little ones who are already taking their first steps, Cariboo Friends is more than just a ride-on bike—it's a tool for learning balance and coordination.

With its unique design featuring only one rear wheel, Cariboo Friends focuses on helping your child develop crucial balancing skills. As they navigate their way on this innovative bike, they'll gain confidence and stability, setting the foundation for future biking adventures.

What sets Cariboo Friends apart is its thoughtful construction. The two wheels at the front provide added stability, making it easier for your child to mount and dismount the bike independently. Plus, its lightweight and durable build ensure hours of safe and enjoyable play.

Give your little one the gift of independence and fun with Cariboo Friends—their first step towards becoming a confident and skilled rider!

Product Details

Cariboo MiniBike features an adjustable handlebar angle. With one simple move, you can change the position of the handlebars to fit the seat position.
This balance bike is equipped with a built-in steering turn limiter for even greater safety. The lock prevents uncontrolled sharp turns.
Thanks to the seat adjustment option (25 - 30 cm), your toddler will be able to use the balance bike for a long time.

Handlebar height41 cm
Handlebar width26,5 cm
Adjustment options5-stage steering adjustment
Seat height25 - 30 cm
Seat-handlebar distance26 cm
Bike length48 cm
Wheel diameter15 cm
Weight2,2 kg
Age12 months +
Permissible user weight25 kg