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Dino Toys - cubes 12 pcs cars in the world

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Dino Toys - cubes 12 pcs cars in the world
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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Build six cars from just a few pieces of wood? It will be a piece of cake for your little racer. 12 wooden blocks will serve him as building material for 6 different formulas from the movie Cars, including the protagonist Lightning McQueen. By placing and combining cubes, children develop not only skill, but also imagination and creativity. Image templates are also available.

The toy was made in the Czech Republic from spruce wood and will delight all creative motorists from the age of 3.

The cubes are made from Czech spruce wood in our purely Czech factory Dino Topa, which has been writing its history since the 1950s. High-quality natural material will survive for generations and is harmless to health. We also manufacture wooden blocks here to order both for toy stores of all sizes and for corporate purposes.