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BIBS Spoon Set - Sage

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BIBS Spoon Set - Sage


Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

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The Spoon Set consists of a small spoon and a large one - one for the baby and one for the parent. This is to promote self-feeding, all while the parent actively can help. Further, the set is designed to develop the child’s fine motor skills with its non-slip grip and short, round handle for the baby to get the best possible grip.

The Spoon Set is made of soft food-safe material, to protect the baby’s developing teeth and sore gums. With our Mealtime Collection, we want to promote the social benefits of eating together with small children. Small children not only learn about food when dining with the family but sitting down as a family for mealtime can teach even small children how to eat and helps them develop social skills.


·         Made of 100% food-grade material

·         Non-slip and ergonomic handle for the best possible grip for both the child and parent

·         Promotes self-feeding

·         Develops fine motor skills

·         Soft and narrow baby spoon, to protect baby’s developing teeth and sore gums

·         Withstand dishwasher cleaning