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BIBS Baby Bottle Sleeve Large Petrol

BIBS 5713795247288 9413260
BAR Code: 5713795247288
SKU Code: 9413260
BIBS Baby Bottle Sleeve Large Petrol
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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

The BIBS Bottle Sleeve makes it easy for you to protect your BIBS Baby Bottle on the go. It features a sturdy strap to be attached to a stroller, a bed, or a bag. The thick neoprene fabric protects the glass bottle from drops. The scale on the bottle can be easily read through the opening. It insulates and protects.

This is only the Baby Bottle Sleeve. The Baby Bottle can be bought separately.

Important Information: Before cleaning the baby bottle, please remove the bottle sleeve. Also, remove the bottle sleeve when pouring boiling water into the bottle. The sleeve can make the bottle unsteady when placed on a flat surface which creates the risk of it tipping over.