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BIBS Dodatki za stekleničko s počasnim pretokom - Mauve

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BIBS Dodatki za stekleničko s počasnim pretokom - Mauve
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Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

Our baby bottle is carefully designed for babies and parents. Round nipple in natural rubber latex (slow flow) Recommended by midwives to support natural breastfeeding Designed with an anti-colic function All parts are made of 100% safe food-grade material Comes in multiple colors Important: This is a Bottle Kit. The kit does not contain the glass bottle. It must be purchased separately. The Bottle Kit contains all the extra parts for our baby bottle and is available in multiple colors.

Product Details

Nipple information

The round nipple promotes a similar tongue placement and sucking technique when breastfeeding, since the round shape allows the sides of the tongue to elevate and cup around the nipple, just like it does during breastfeeding. This also prevents “nipple”-confusion if you are both breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

The nipple is equipped with an anti-colic valve, that lets out air which reduces air swallowed while feeding.

The nipple is produced from natural rubber latex. 


The baby bottle complies with the following standards on the European market:

  • EN 1400+A2
  • EN 14350:2020
  • EN 71-3-2019
  • DIN EN 12868 2017-04
  • DIN EN 1186 2002-07
  • DIN CEN/TS 13130-23 2005-05
  • DIN EN ISO 11885 2009-09