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Sage & Vanilla Night Glow - BIBS Colour

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Sage & Vanilla Night Glow - BIBS Colour
0 - 6 m
6 -18 m
In stock


Največja dovoljena količina za ta izdelek je 100000.

The NIGHT version of the BIBS pacifier: the pacifier handle shines in the dark, so there will be no more lost pacifiers at night. 

The world-renowned BIBS pacifiers with a characteristic round shield and cherry shape nipple give children comfort and safety for almost 50 years.

The suction part is made of 100% natural rubber. Natural rubber is silky, soft and flexible and gives the child a natural sense of sucking.

The round, light shield is turned away from the child's face. This ensures air supply for sensitive skin in the mouth area and reduces irritation.

Material: natural latex and polypropylene, without BPA, PVC and phalathes.

Designed and made in Denmark.

(There are 2 pacifiers in the package.)


Size: 0 - 6 m, 6 -18 m