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BIBS x Liberty Pacifier box Capel Sage

BIBS 5713795247110 420010250 2110
BAR Code: 5713795247110
SKU Code: 420010250
BIBS x Liberty Pacifier box Capel Sage
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We are proud to present our new BIBSx Liberty Collection, which will combine the classic BIBS look with the timeless Liberty prints.

BIBS Pacifier Box is a multi-functional product, that not only can be used for storing pacifiers when you are on the go but can also be used as a container for small toys, and snacks, while also functioning as a sterilizing box.

The box can hold up to three BIBS pacifiers. Comes with a pacifier insert that can hold one pacifier and a pacifier clip. The insert fits all our different pacifiers – so no matter which BIBS pacifier you prefer, it will fit in the box.


  • Made of 100% safe and food-grade material
  • 100% BPA free
  • Withstand microwave heating, dishwasher cleaning, and freezer temperature
  • Comes with a silicone string in matching colors